The Gate: Written and performed by Heart of a Nation’s Robbie Gringras

A show about the relationship between Israeli Jews and Israeli Palestinian Arabs, as a kibbutz argues over whether to leave their gate open to the neighboring village. It’s about being open, being closed, and being dogmatically paralyzed…

Heart of a Nation
2 min readJul 14, 2021


On a small insignificant kibbutz in the Galilee a great debate rages: Should the gate that faces the local Arab village be locked shut, or should it remain open?

Udi, who lost his brother in the War of Independence, fights for the gate to be closed.

Yiftach, an aging peacenik, wants to do all he can to signal openness to his Palestinian cousins.

And Amal, the caterer from the Arab village, just wants someone to open the gate so she can get home after a long day.

How can we remain open? When must we close up?​

Do good fences make good neighbors or distant enemies?​

And what does a small story about a gate tell us about our world today?

Robbie Gringras presents his sixth charming new solo show with a lightness of touch, a thoughtfulness, and a depth of emotion that has been the hallmark of his displays of physical story theater over two decades of performance. The Gate was developed with Dorit Shalom.

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