Culture as a Force for Change: Pull Quotes, Forum Transcript, and YouTube Recording



“Mekudeshet is an independent cultural NGO, but really we’re a crazy, crazy, experiment, creating original art and music that tries to humanize across divides in Jerusalem.”


Culture as a Force for Change

Jonathan Kessler: I’d like to welcome everybody to this forum. It’s great to see you, Karen. It’s great to see my good friend Riman and meet Apo. As I mentioned a minute ago, it’s always our preference to gather people in person, we will have an opportunity to be with Karen and Riman and Apo in January in Jerusalem at Mekudeshet, and no doubt there will be many opportunities to share that experience more broadly with people who aren’t on the mission but are on this call. Mekudeshet is one of the most remarkable places that gathers the most amazing people, and they’ve been doing it for years, but we don’t hear nearly enough about them, we don’t see nearly enough of their content, and Heart of a Nation hopes to change that. We want to amplify your amazing work, we want to amplify, as much as we can, the people that you’ve brought into this place. And Karen, you have been a leader for many years in that effort. You’re also such a dear friend of mine and so many people on this call. Thank you so much for your leadership within the Heart of a Nation Executive Committee. You are the perfect person to get our discussion underway, and I’m going to turn things over to you now. Thanks, Karen.

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