Bringing together progressive Americans, progressive Israelis and progressive Palestinians to make all three societies better.

Heart of a Nation’s website has been relaunched with several new features. Please check it out and encourage others to as well.

Note that our revised mission statement is available on our Website in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

What is Heart of a Nation?

We are Americans, Israelis, and Palestinians building relationships across diverse backgrounds to learn, think, and work together to advance progressive solutions to issues of mutual concern.

These issues include: social and economic justice, gender and racial equality, strengthening civil society, defense of democratic institutions, treatment of migrants and asylum seekers, fighting discrimination and oppression within and between nations, and the vigorous pursuit of peace.

We do this by connecting through shared values, cooperative efforts, and the creation of collaborative content for distribution to thought leaders and activists seeking to better the nations we love.

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Visit our website to learn more:

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Heart of a Nation

Heart of a Nation

Visit our website to learn more:

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