Uriya Rosenman is an educator from Israel and Sameh Zakout is a singer from Palestine. Together they are an artistic duo of content creators using music and education to inspire social awakening, promote straight talk, and build a community of young Israelis/Palestinians/Americans who believe in a new mutually beneficial narrative.

DUGRI is the place where those young believers come together and interact. This platform allows participants to share ideas, communicate authentically, and collaborate on different initiatives. They advocate for authenticity, moderation, and complexity.

Palestinian, queer and disenchanted: How constant talk about pinkwashing, settler colonialism and intersectionality pushed me out of the Palestinian LGBTQ movement

By Izat Elamoor for Haaretz

A 2019 demonstration by members of the Palestinian LGBTQ community against homophobic violence and for Palestinian and queer liberation in Haifa Credit: Amir Levy

Twelve years ago, when I was a 19 and an undergraduate at Ben Gurion University, I first found out about the Palestinian queer movement.

I learned that that there were two major independent organizations working solely on Palestinian LGBTQ issues: AlQaws for Sexual and Gender…

Heart of a Nation International Forum with Halie Soifer, CEO of the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA), with discussion leader Steven Sheffey, Progressive Strategist and Consultant.

About Heart of a Nation

Heart of a Nation is bringing together progressive Americans, progressive Israelis, and progressive Palestinians to make all three societies better. Explore our website: heartofanation.io

Heart of a Nation

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